The Benefits of Solar Analytics Monitoring | Bare Energy

The Benefits of Solar Analytics Monitoring | Bare Energy

The smart way to solar with Solar Analytics Monitoring

Solar should be simple. With Bare Energy, it is. That approach doesn’t end when your solar panels are installed on your roof. Our Solar Analytics Monitoring means that you have our help and support for the lifetime of your solar system.

We include Solar Analytics Monitoring on every quote for every client. In this article, we’re going to explain why this after-installation support is so beneficial to you.

What is Solar Analytics?

Before we dive into the benefits, here’s an overview of our solar monitoring service, Solar Analytics.

When we install your solar system, we include a software called Smart Monitor by Solar Analytics. This software connects to an app on your phone so you can see the daily usage of the solar energy that your home produces each day. 

We also have access to the data from the Smart Monitor so we can provide ongoing support to help you get the most out of your solar installation.

Identify problems immediately

You don’t expect bill shock when you have solar. But often, a higher than expected power bill is the first sign that your solar system is not operating at maximum efficiency.

It could be something as simple as a software update. Or it may be that your solar panels have been covered by shade or storm debris. With Solar Analytics Monitoring, we’ll know about any issues immediately. If it’s a simple fix, we’ll take action straight away to address it remotely. For more complex issues, such as storm-affected panels, we’ll send an Energy Expert to assess the situation and discuss the solution with you as soon as possible.

That kind of peace of mind in your investment is invaluable.

Optimise your usage

When we install your solar panels, we’ll discuss with you how to maximise your solar savings. That includes things like using as much electricity as possible during the day and switching to smart energy devices.

Solar Analytics Monitoring takes this a step further. It tracks your usage and identifies opportunities for efficiency improvements and savings. For example, the software may identify that you’re using a lot of energy during peak hours, such as in the evening. During these hours, if you don’t have a battery installed, you’re drawing energy from the grid … and paying for it. Knowing that, you may then be able to consider smart and automated ways to shift your usage and watch the results of that change in real time on the Solar Analytics app.

If your setup doesn’t include a solar battery, the Solar Analytics in-built Battery Calculator will also track your usage and identify when the right time is to add a battery, and what size battery you need. It tracks your usage 24/7 and can balance the battery investment with the savings you’ll gain from moving away from reliance on drawing power from the grid. 

More data, more savings.

Compare energy plans

This solar consumption monitoring also has another benefit.

Rising energy prices are causing pain to households all over the country. And knowing which energy retailer to choose isn’t as simple as it should be. Solar Analytics Monitoring makes it easy through the Plan Optimiser function.

The Plan Optimiser considers your usage, compares energy plans and prices across the different retailers and recommends the best retailer for you. It does this in real time and continuously so you can also be sure you’re getting the best deal.

Imagine how much this could save you over the life of your solar system?

Are you ready to save?

If you’re in the process of getting solar quotes, ask your solar retailer if Solar Analytics is included in the cost. It’s a simple question that could save you thousands of dollars. 

We live and breathe simple solar solutions that are kind to the planet and to your back pocket. Solar Analytics Monitoring is just one of the ways we put the power back in your hands to help you save money. 

Contact us to speak with one of our experienced Energy Consultants so we can tailor a personalised solar solution for you. 

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