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Clean energy is the way of the future

Solar energy is one of the smartest investments you can make in your home. With a Bare Energy solar solution you can benefit from an immediate reduction in your energy costs, and you will enjoy the savings of solar power for years to come.

Here’s why solar power is the renewable energy of choice for countless Australians.

How solar works

First, it’s good to understand a bit about solar panels and how they work.

In a typical home with no solar panels, the home is powered by fossil-fuel generated energy from the grid. This comes at a cost which has been rapidly rising.

In a solar powered home, the home is powered by energy generated by the sun. As the sun hits the solar panels, they convert it into energy that powers the home. You’re also connected to the grid so you have access to power during the evening when the sun has set.

Where your solar panels generate more power than your home needs, this excess power is either stored in your battery where you have one, or you can share this back to the grid for other non-solar powered homes to use. In exchange, you’ll get a rebate from your energy provider.

Save on power bills

As sure as the sun will rise each morning and set each night, electricity prices are also increasing. Solar energy is your futureproof answer to combating these ongoing price rises.

Do you save money with solar panels? The answer is yes

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protect against blackouts

Power security is a growing concern amongst Australians. If you rely on power from the grid for your home, you’re susceptible to blackouts.

As the effects of climate change result in more weather events such as fires, floods and other natural disasters, this problem will only increase. Any impact to power stations can disrupt the power supply for individual houses, suburbs or even entire regions or states. 

A solar system with a battery is your solution to protecting your home against blackouts.

Reduce your carbon footprint

The burning of fossil fuels to generate electricity is a huge contributor to the catastrophic climate change.

Solar energy makes the most of a renewable energy source that’s available to all of us, every day – the sun. It’s powerful, accessible and clean.

By installing solar panels, you’re playing your part in reducing fossil fuel emissions and creating a clean energy future for all Australians. It’s a win/win. You save money and the environment, passing on a gift to future generations.

Boost your home value

Solar is an asset to your home. It adds value from day one.

With solar, your home is a power generating machine. It’s working day after day to save you money and provide you a return on your investment. 

If you decide to sell your home, solar can make it more attractive to buyers who are looking for a home that is already solar enabled and future ready.

Prepare for an electric future

The future of energy is green and clean. State and federal governments are investing in renewable energy, committing to a greener energy future and moving away from fossil fuels.

Invest in solar now and you’re a step ahead of the rest. You’ll reap the benefits of solar now and contribute to the net zero economy.

why choose solar power with bare energy?

At Bare Energy, we make solar simple. Our Energy Consultants take the time to understand your current and future energy needs, and tailor a solution to you. Using technical jargon-free language we will share how a Bare Energy solar solution can reduce your power bills, add value to your home, protect your home against blackouts and create a lasting positive impact on the environment. Contact us today to learn more.

Solar News

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